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Truck Car Park


Q: How long does it take to get set up?
A: Once you provide all necessary documents, within 24 hours.


Q: What areas can I run?
A: We can run you in all 48 states or within the area you specify. 

Q: How long do I have to stay on the road?
A: This is entirely up to you!

Q: Do I need my own MC authority?
A: Yes, all owner-operators and carriers we dispatch for are required to operate under their own motor carrier authority, but we do work with carriers with company drivers. 

Q: Can I run local/regional?
A: You sure can!

Q: What kind of freight can you book for me to haul?
A: We book all kind of freight from carnival rides to toilet tissue. If you have specific request please let us know.

Q: How will you bill me?
A: We accept all major credit and debit cards. We can also set up our payment through a factoring company. 


Q: How many trucks does each dispatcher handle?
A: All of our dispatchers are assigned 5 trucks. 

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Since you are running under your own authority you will be billing (and receiving payments from) individual brokers and shippers directly! You can also use a factoring company for faster payments and we’ll be happy to do credit checks for you.

Q: What kind of company requirements do you have?
A: We prefer time in business of 6 month, but do not require it. Other than that your authority and insurance must be active.

Q: Do you have a broker license?
A: No. We do not have a broker license and book everything under your authority. By doing so, we can not "cut" your rate as some broker-dispatch companies do!

Q: For what type of trailer can you book freight?
A: We dispatch for Dry Van, Reefers, Flat Bed, Power Only, Step Deck, and Hot shot.

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